Meet the Founders: ALMND


Why Almond milk?
Simply because there wasn’t one. There wasn’t one that was completely raw, 100% unprocessed, with absolutely NO added gums / preservatives/ artificial sweeteners / added cane sugars or syrups... that still tasted good! We don’t like dairy - we don’t like the industry or the product! The affects it has on your body like Inflammation and bloating.
We found a Groupon that was $39 for the entire day at a Korean Day Spa. We were sitting there talking about the lack of availability of quality and good tasting lattes & milks in Houston. In the polar ice room at the spa- saw a need and there the idea for ALMND was born! We needed something clean and raw that still tasted good, but not only the milk we wanted a latte. Something we have never found for ourselves. A creamy, sweet, completely clean latte with all raw natural ingredients, that actually tastes GOOD. Once we got into almond milk we started seeing all the REAL benefits of what we were doing.

• High fiber
• Healthy fats
• Vitamin E to protect collagen
• Protein

• Natural energy
• Disease fighting antioxidants
• Natural sweetener
• Reduces acidity in the body

Himalayan sea salt
• Balances electrolytes
• Increases hydration
• Reduces acidity in the body

These are just some of our base ingredients, we also include (depending on the latte/ milk) ground Madagascar vanilla, chai tea and raw cocoa powder. All of these ingredients also have their own array of health benefits. Meredith and I have developed all of our recipes by hand over a period of months working in the kitchen, doing research and testing ingredients to create the recipes we use today. As a local small batch company we do just about everything by hand ourselves, we love what we do and we put so much heart into every drink we make. We love them for what they do for you and how they taste!

We hope you do too!




Meredith + Danielle